Thunderbolt - TJ Pro V
Thunderbolt - TJ Pro V

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Thunderbolt - TJ Pro V

Sale price$1,995.00 CAD
Size:9'0" x 22.13” x 2.63” 61.50L Single + FCS2

The TJ Pro V is Taylor Jensen's longboard designed to excel in everyday conditions. When Taylor and Dan Mann started the design process, the guidelines were simple: make it fast, loose and free. Make a longboard that’s all about making surfing fun in a wide range of conditions without compromising performance.

What came out of years of testing and refining is the TJ Pro V: an all conditions fun-formance longboard that excels in average 2-6' surf.

The DNA of the Pro V is rooted in the TJ Pro, with tweaks to optimize performance in average surf. It has a lower rocker profile to make paddling and skating across soft flat sections easy, and a wider nose for more stability on the tip. The squash tail and the added spiral V out the tail allows for more release and makes it easier to lean into tighter turns and feel loose under foot. Can be ridden in either as a quad or a 2 + 1, making this an incredibly versatile longboard.

“The Thunderbolts torsional flex allows you to generate speed and spring in and out of turns creating drive in conditions that leave most longboards feeling sluggish.”

- Taylor Jensen

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