Sustainable Tourism

Aside from the local wildlife, we are all visitors here. So what can we all do to help protect this cold water paradise that we are lucky enough to be part of, you ask? The good news is that it doesn't take much. Small efforts at the individual level, when taken on collectively, make a huge difference.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of suggestions for all of us to keep in mind:


  • Pick up garbage on the beach. FUN FACT: if the Sea Lions see you packing garbage from the beach, they’re 69% more likely to give you a set wave.
  •  Hold on to your butt. Hacking Darts on the beach? We get it. This is Flavour Country. But toss those dirty butts in your pocket when you’re done and make sure they end up in the trash.
  •  Keep your dogs in check. Make sure “Buster’s Big Day Out” isn’t at the expense of the shorebirds. And make sure your pup doesn’t get eaten by Black Bears and/or Wolves. Interesting fact: Certain shorebirds need to touchdown and feed every minute or so, and dogs make that impossible.
  • Don’t leave food out. At the very least, the crows will unzip your pack and scatter your Cool Ranch Doritos all over the beach. But worst-case scenario: Conservation Officers will have to kill bears and wolves that have become habituated to humans leaving food out.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle. Bottled water is for Barneys, especially since the tap water here is delicious.
  • Car Pool. Got a mini-van? Fill’er up with humans and leave a couple of vehicles parked at home. Better yet, ride your bike!
  • Find a patch of legitimate Old Growth forest. Most of the bonafide Old Growth is gone, which is why people are fighting so hard to protect what’s left. But there’s still big ole beauties out there! Find yourself a proper patch, get amongst it, and see what’s at stake.
  • Watch where you poop. If you absolutely have to poop outside, do it right. #VanLife has created a fecal wasteland on our backroads, which has shut a number of free campsites down. There are lots of public washrooms around, so plan your poops accordingly.
  • Responsible campfires. Don’t burn this place down, please. And check if there’s a fire ban before you light up.
  • Recycle Your Wax. As satisfying as it is to create a giant ball out of your dirty old wax, it just doesn’t feel right when you huck it in the garbage. Drop it off at the bin outside our shop instead, and local wizard Nic Teichrob will work some magic on it.
  • Bring your own Cutlery. If you’re planning on enjoying takeout food from our local restaurants, bring your own utensils.

For F*#k’s Sake, Leave No Trace. When in doubt, shout it out.
It’s a good mantra to work into your everyday existence.

Like we said, this list is non-exhaustive. Feel free to hit us up with a few suggestions of your own and we’ll update the post.  

Both Ucluelet and Tofino are well on their way to becoming single-use, plastic free towns. A lot of those initiatives are thanks to the efforts of organizations like Surfrider, The Ancient Forest Alliance, Redd Fish Restoration Society and many more. So if you wanna learn more about what you can do to protect this place, hit them up.