Relic Surf Shop is the brainchild of Mike and Nicole Bray, with a dream to create a year-round surf shop in the charming coastal town of Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. They saw the incredible potential it offered for surfers of all levels. The Pacific Rim's beaches are a surfer's paradise, perfect for both beginners and advanced riders.
Their adventure began back in 2000 when they got their hands on the Surf' Inn. If you want to ride the wave of their story, just keep scrolling for more on their incredible journey.
And check us on CBC Still Standing Show - Season 8, episode 6 - 17.25minutes

The beginning of the journey...

The adventure of Relic Surf Shop started in 2002 when Mike and Nicole Bray opened their Surf’ Inn in the coastal town of Ucluelet. A couple of year later Tula made its debut.Mike and Nicole introduced in 2006, through their Inn, surf rentals and surf lessons, available year-round to fulfill the appetite of visitors! 

Our Mission

Our mission at Relic is a little different than many other surf shops and it is apparent from the second you walk through the door. As two ‘families’ of owners/operators, we pride ourselves on a family friendly, fun and knowledgeable environment. We believe creating a workplace that our staff love to be in is the key to our success and your loyalty to our shop and brand. We believe in a higher level of service and commitment to our customers in order to achieve a long term relationship where you can return time and time again and receive trusted service and help. We aim to sell you products that will work best for you at the best pricing we can. Who doesn’t love a deal?

Relic Surf Shop is dedicated to supporting the community through volunteer work, donations, running events, and raising monies for various community projects. This is what makes Relic the "Community’s Surf Shop"