Surftech x Walden - Magic Model Parabolic
Surftech x Walden - Magic Model Parabolic

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Surftech x Walden - Magic Model Parabolic

Sale price$1,230.00 CAD
Size:8'0" x 22" x 2'3/4" 58.2L FCS2

The MAGIC Model stands the test of time due to its versatility and unique design features. With an emphasis on performance, with a single concave running from the nose through to the midpoint creates lift and stability, which is perfect for controlled nose riding. The Magic Model is now available in Fusion Parabolic Construction for added performance.

Fusion Parabolic Construction is a good choice for surfers who want a light board with a lively responsive feel, but don't want to sacrifice durability or consistency in their board's flex pattern. Treat yourself to next-level flex and performance. Surftech's Fusion Parabolic Construction is exclusively used on Walden surfboards. A fused cell EPS core provides response and flotation, while an e-glass and epoxy resin layup increase durability with the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. For added toughness, we've added a full biax deck patch with 45° angles. The deck patch reduces denting of the deck and distributes power evenly through the board. The Magic Model in Fusion Parabolic Construction is the perfect ride anything, do everything performance board. Traditionalists will enjoy stability through noserides while modern surfers will love the spring and projection out of bottom turns. All surfers will appreciate a construction that increases board longevity.

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