Medina Softboard - Orquídea 7'0
Medina Softboard - Orquídea 7'0

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Medina Softboard - Orquídea 7'0

Sale price$825.00 CAD
Size:7'0" x 21' 1/2" x 2' 5/8" 53L FCS2

Model created on top of traditional FunBoards, considered the middle ground between a conventional surfboard and a longboard. This board has well accentuated measurements and plenty of volume throughout its length, providing greater stability, comfort, and paddling. It facilitates the learning of beginners and also performance for heavier surfers. Suitable for any level of surfing and various types of waves. It can play the role of your first surfboard, being a great alternative for fun on days with few waves, and for experienced surfers, it can even be a semi-gun on days with big waves.

In its construction, performance surfboard material is used, in addition to being coated with rubber on the deck, offering greater durability. This makes this model a SoftBoard with the soul of a real surfboard while protecting the surfer from impact on the board. - Supports up to 120 Kg.

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