Libtech x Alex Lopez - Twin

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Libtech x Alex Lopez - Twin

Sale price$1,179.00 CAD
Size:6'8" x 20.25" x 2.625" 40L

“It’s my version of a high performance short board... shy performance.” -Alex

The 6’ 8” LT is a little bit longer version of a board that I made for myself during the lockdown, wanting to find something that would still have the feeling of a longer rail line and of course paddle power but also quick and responsive when the waves were good. It has a fair amount of rocker and carries a little bit of foam through the nose and under your chest for paddle and glide but is pretty foiled out through the tail, all with the idea of performing when there’s a little bit of shape and push.

Try it with your favorite upright twin, I like the Christenson Twin by Captain Fin.

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