Firewire- Flath Earth
Firewire- Flath Earth

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Firewire- Flath Earth

Sale price$1,150.00 CAD
Size:5'11" x 20' 1/4" x 2' 3/4" 34.2L Futures

These are crazy times! When conspiracies become realities, and creativity manifests to functionality.

Introducing the Flat Earth: a board built to shred ankle high to overhead surf. Designed by Akila Aipa and dialed-in by Kelly Slater, this model is ready to be your go-to board whatever the conditions of the day.

Finesse and flow in waves chest to head high, sized at your normal shortboard volume or a couple liters more. 

Experiment with a twin + trailer or twin without trailer, because this shape surfs on a spectrum from lose and slidey in smaller sizes with two twin fins, to grippy and drivey in larger sizes with a trailer added.

In summary, let the Flat Earth blow your mind as a twin fin, or sip the serum in doses with a trailer fin.
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