How to rinse wetsuits equipment?

How to rinse wetsuits equipment?

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How to properly maintain your wetsuit, gloves, booties and hood?

Your trusty wetsuit is essential for staying warm in the chilly Canadian waters and represents a valuable long-term investment for your surfing adventures.To ensure your wetsuit remains in perfect condition for as long as possible, it is crucial to care for it diligently. After each surfing session, give it some love! Take the time to clean and preserve your surf gear. The better you maintain it, the longer it will serve you. Here, the steps to care for your wetsuit properly:

1. Clean and caress your gear

  • After each saltwater session, turn your wetsuit inside out and unzip all zippers to prevent that sneaky salt from building up.
  • Submerge your gear in cold, clear water, either in your bathtub (not if your wetsuit is full of sand, care for the drain too), a bucket or any fairly large container, allowing it to soak for a period.They deserve it, don’t they?
  • Say “No!” to smelly wetsuits! Use a gentle soap. At Relic, we use the eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable “Wetsuit Wash” from Mint, a local company. This product is made from plant based ingredients and infused with a blend of Mint and tea Tree essential oils. Avoid anything toxic because our Oceans deserve better!
  • Rinse your gear thoroughly to remove any residual detergent

2. Hang your wetsuit in style

  • It is advisable to let your wetsuit dry naturally. For the sake of your wetsuit, no dryer! Fold the wetsuit and hang it at the waist to allow excess water to drip off. Choose an outdoor location, away from direct sunlight to prevent UV damage. If indoor drying, keep it away from any heat sources and place a bucket or towel underneath to catch any drips and protect your floor. At Relic, we sell the Gnarwall “Wetsuit Hanger”, a sustainable solution to take care of your wetsuit.

3. Care for Gloves, Booties and Hoods

  • Follow the same cleaning steps and ensure the removal of salt from the zippers of booties

4. Proper Wetsuit Storage

  • When it’s time to store your wetsuit, ensure it’s completely dry before you hand it on a shoulder hanger. Avoid folding it, as permanent creases may form. Store your wetsuit in a dry location free from cold and humidity.



  • Don’t leave your wetsuit hanging high and dry without a rinse. It will damage the Neoprene and nobody wants to be stuck with salty, pee-scented wetsuits.
  • Avoid using a washing machine to clean your gear. It is a seam-busting disaster.
  • Refrain from hanging your wet wetsuit on a hanger, as the weight of the water may deform it.
  • Spare your wetsuit from the harsh sun, as UV rays can deteriorate the Neoprene, shortening its lifespan.
  • Don’t neglect drying your wetsuit; there’s nothing worse than a cold, soggy embrace. It might crease or stretch out if not cared for.
  • Finally, avoid dragging your wetsuit on sandy surfaces, as it can cause damage and is generally unpleasant.

Now, you are all set to treat your wetsuit and gear like the royalty they are. Surf’s up, and so is your wetsuit game!